10 ways to feel better when things suck

  10. Watch a movie you love from your childhood. I know it sounds silly, but nostalgia is scientifically proven to improve mood. (Scientific American) 9. Eat something small and delicious. Even if you’re watching your weight, chances are a small treat won’t completely derail your efforts. Eating dark chocolate can even improve your cardiovascular health,Continue reading “10 ways to feel better when things suck”

life just changes, and it’s hard to keep up…

I’ve been debating on when to start writing again. Life has changed so much for me over the last 4 months that documenting things seemed like a daunting task. But with the impending Snowmageddon upon us, I have decided that now is as good as ever. So, I’m back, and with some big news! 1. I’MContinue reading “life just changes, and it’s hard to keep up…”