genius $ saving hack – honey

    I just came across the most helpful Facebook ad I’ve seen so far. Generally, they seem pretty relevant to my interests, but this one hit the nail on the head! From their website: “Honey is a service that makes it ridiculously easy to save money and time. Honey automatically finds coupon codes forContinue reading “genius $ saving hack – honey”

beauty review: nail decals & glue on nails

I am a nail fanatic. That doesn’t mean that I have great nails, or that I’m even particularly good at doing them. However, I do own an LED curing lamp (for gel manicures), nearly every kind of nail decal imaginable, and every embellishment I can find (stickers, studs, hoops, etc…). I really have tried themContinue reading “beauty review: nail decals & glue on nails”

help me get my ipsy bag? pretty please?!

So I discovered today. I personally am a huge fan of Michelle Phan and her YouTube channel. I think she posts great content, and overall her videos are super fun. was founded by Michelle, and provides a service similar to Birch Box, however, combing through posts of what’s included in Birch Box vs.Continue reading “help me get my ipsy bag? pretty please?!”

i need this

So, I like to think I’m good at applying makeup in a variety of situations. In a moving car, dim lighting, on the train… I’ve done it all. [] However, I just received an email from PureWow (who sends out great stuff btw), and now I NEED this: Beauty Beam Quoted from their site, itContinue reading “i need this”

cara (delevingne) mia

So, I am fascinated by Cara Delevingne. She’s totally #sorrynotsorry, her eyebrows are insane, and while she wears sneakers and makes out with Michelle Rodriguez at basketball games, she also gives off this weirdly innocent bording school vibe. All of that being said, she does high fashion so SO well. All the blogs today are showingContinue reading “cara (delevingne) mia”