she’s crafty: the poo brown end table

My husband’s grandmother gives us some awesome stuff. She’s traveled the world and brought back things like masks, shields and spears from various countries, three of which are currently up in our home. She’s also amassed some great stuff from domestic locations, and those things are super cool too. So when she moved, we received…

she’s crafty: ugly ceiling fan

So, when we purchased our condo last July, my husband and I thought the finishings were amazing. We got really lucky with a bunch of things. There was just one thing I couldn’t stand: the ugly ceiling fan. Maybe I over reacted a bit. It’s not hideous, it was just so plain. So, I did…

frugal friday

  This week was INTENSE for saving $$$ on super cool stuff!! I am upcycling a table this weekend (post to come next week) and I wanted to get some new knobs. I stopped by Anthropologie, which is notorious for being expensive in my mind, and hit their sale section HARD. I came away with…

my first gif!

So, I’ve been wanting to make a gif for a while now, and today I finally made it happen! I used Photoshop CC, and in some ways it was easier AND more difficult than I thought it would be. It’s DEFINITELY not perfect, but I am proud of it because it’s mine. 🙂

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