exciting update: a night in the woods

Special shout out and thank you to Susan in the Development Office at Bethel Woods for sending me this AMAZING video of the event, A Night in the Woods!! You can really see the fashion and tone of the event, and why we had SO much fun! To like Bethel Woods on Facebook, click here….

a night in the woods

What a weekend! We had so much going on, I was worried I would feel overwhelmed, but celebrating so many wonderful events was actually really great. Between a baby shower, celebrating my first Mother’s Day, and then the event this post is titled for, I really had so much fun. Saturday night was especially great,…


Shop my closet on Poshmark! I’ve got a few awesome jackets, a never used Rebecca Minkoff purse, and more to come!

beachbody vs daily burn

  So, as I noted in my previous post, I am back to eating a Paleo diet! So far, I’ve lost 4 lbs (totally water weight), and I’m feeling pretty good. I’ve been sick, so it’s hard to judge how I’m actually feeling, but I definitely feel less bloated. With a 9 month old at…


  Ok, so this is definitely not “tomorrow,” lol, but regardless, I’m back within a week, so let’s celebrate the small victories. About a year ago I tried the FabFitFun subscription box, which to be honest was awesome, but the price point is a bit high for me to receive it regularly. The contents were…

beauty review: nail decals & glue on nails

I am a nail fanatic. That doesn’t mean that I have great nails, or that I’m even particularly good at doing them. However, I do own an LED curing lamp (for gel manicures), nearly every kind of nail decal imaginable, and every embellishment I can find (stickers, studs, hoops, etc…). I really have tried them…

ipsy is on it’s way!

So my July bag is on it’s way! Details coming soon, and don’t you worry, I will review every last bit of product in there ­čÖé In the meantime, here’s the latest video┬áfrom Michelle Phan,┬áthe creator of ipsy.  

help me get my ipsy bag? pretty please?!

So I discovered ipsy.com today. I personally am a huge fan of Michelle Phan and her YouTube channel. I think she posts great content, and overall her videos are super fun. ipsy.com was founded by Michelle, and provides a service similar to Birch Box, however, combing through posts of what’s included in Birch Box vs….